10th April, 2017 and the second book in Toad's African Adventure Series has been published. It's called Toad and the Miracle at Croco Lake. I'm already delighted with the finished product and also with the response that I've received so far. I've been particularly excited about this book being published and hope that families have as much fun with the book as we've had in our family. We have been replacing the traditional 'Happy Birthday to you' with 'Toad's Birthday Rap' within our family with hilarious results. So far though only me and my grandson Ethan have been filmed. It's loud, it's silly but it's still great fun if you have the bottle to be 'Toad" and do the lead singing.

World Book Day this year was on 02/03/17 and this was my first visit. How entertaining as nearly all the parents of the young children had been working hard to provide them with an array of colourful outfits depicting characters from children's books. I think the most amusing were the male teachers several of whom had dressed up as David Walliams' 'Boy in a dress' and that included my illustrator Neil Chapman. Once again I was delighted from the 60-90 children in the various years 3,4,5 and 6. There questions were inventive and their enthusiasm for reading and writing knew no bounds. Most hands went up when I asked them if they wanted to be an author one day, so again it's obvious the teachers are doing a great job. I've placed some books in the local post office so hopefully the children will be able to buy locally. Can't wait to visit a school on World Book Day again. What a treat I've been missing all these years.

I just returned from spending a day with the Key Stage Two pupils and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After reading part of the story and stopping abruptly at a stage where Toad has a near death experience, there was an audible gasp from some of the children. They obviously enjoyed the reading as many books were ordered and lots of dedications were made by me to the children. I was impressed with the input from the children and their overall enthusiasm about reading and writing. Obviously the teachers are doing a great job.

On page 122 of the January issue of Cornwall Today - full page spread about 'Toad's getting Married

Finally got my interview with Talk Radio on 5th January 2017. If you want to listen you can check Talk Radio - 5th January at 21.00 hrs.