Kernow Magicals Series

When the fairies are forced to move back to their ancestral home, the journey they have to make is fraught with danger, as the murderous goblins have plans to take over all the woodlands. The fairies desperately need help from the humans that live at Tamsquite but just which of the humans can they trust?

The book is the first in the series about the adventures of the Fairies of Tamsquite. It is a story of danger and death and love and laughter.

Scheduled publication date June 2018

As the new leader of the  Polquite fairies, Lottie has responsibilities for the welfare of the family, and must make a dangerous journey back to Wenderham Woods for some medicinal herbs.  Whilst her mother is away on the journey, an inexperienced Elphantine is asked by Finn to provide help for his Uncle Toby with hilarious and unexpected results.

The second book in the Kernow Magicals adventure series has humour and danger in equal measure.

Scheduled publication date June 2019